The most important element to all of this is the plant.  Farmers have been maintaining and elevating the Terpene and Cannabinoid profiles and the lineage of Cannabis for thousands of years.  Lion Tamers are an efficient and relatively secure vehicle in which to ingest these elements; we collaborate with California Farmers to create strain specific Sublingual Tablets


From Plant to Pill, once the farmed and tested material is brought in-house; The Cannabis must go through different stages of preparation and refinement in order to increase potency and bioavailability; while filtering out non-medicinal elements.  Sublingual Ingestion through Mucosal Membranes is the one of the fastest known avenues for the body to process THC into 11nor9


The Marketing, Sales, and Distribution of our product is based on our personal relationships with patients and collectives throughout California.  

Lion Tamers preserves the plant as much as possible while offering minimal dosages with strong affects.  Our brand is dedicated to our consumers and their experience of the product.


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Introducing Lion Tamer Tablets

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Micro-Dosing Sublinguals

coming january 2018 

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